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Bee you counsellors provides three specialist services which are aligned our counsellors own experience, training and interests.


Workplace Counselling 

Supporting organisation to support their employee's

All organisations, regardless of their size, have a responsibility towards the psychological health and welfare of their employee's. There is significant research indicating employee's who feel happy and comfortable at work will have higher levels of performance and work-place motivation.  
At Bee You counselling we understand there are time when employee's can feel disengaged and unable to fully contribute. This has a cost to the individual and organisation.  Often such issues can be resolved by providing counselling which represents a low cost option through which employee's can discuss the difficulties they are facing. 
Our service is offered within the framework of the organisations Human Resource provisions.
The service is confidential to the client and counsellor whilst at the same time providing the organisation with reassurance regarding the duty of care to employee's.

There are so many great reasons to be the sort of organisation that values its staff and their wellbeing, let us help you shape your workplace




Supporting young people

Young people are facing an increasingly complex world which can appear overwhelming and confusing.  Young people can feel disorientated, depressed and confused due to a range of different issues including family breakups, relationships bullying  and examination worries.  
At Bee you counselling we are committed to providing a service which supports the needs of young people.

All Counsellors at BeeYou have current enhanced Access NI checks.  We adhere to the Gillic Principles and believe that young people have the right to access counselling and the right to confidentiality

At the moment we are only able to deal with referrals for young people over 16 years of age

Older Adult Counselling 


At Bee You counselling we understand the need to provide a more intensive supportive counselling service for the older adult, as the risk of developing a mental health issue as well as health conditions significantly increases with age.


As people age they are more likely to experience several conditions at the same time and will face multiple challenges which may involve, Bereavement, Depression, Anxiety, low Self Esteem, Despair, Physical illness and Disability. Many of our older adult clients often feel a loss of independence and separation from family and friends. This can lead to feelings of isolation and lack of social connection within the community and for some people this will have a profound effect on their mental health.  


Bee You counsellors understand the in-depth needs of the older adult, having gained extensive experience and knowledge while working with this client group within the community. Experience, regular assessments and feedback from our clients have shown a significant and effective change in their Mental Health and Well-being.


We can help you define and manage the issues that are presenting for you personally, professionally and with non-judgment, offering you choice and control with regards to having your own individual needs met .