Single Session Therapy (SST)

What is Single Session therapy (SST)?


We come together with the understanding we are likely to meet only once and both of us are ready to tackle a problem or issues you need help with in this one session. There is an understanding however, if more sessions of therapy are needed they will be available

As a therapist I want to help clients become unstuck and start to move forward

I've not heard of this before

Well that's not surprising, it is not an approach often used in the UK NHS setting but things are changing.  SST is really popular and effective in many other countries.  


Does it work?

When clients undertake SST over 85% say it was really helpful and no more counselling was needed.  IN ONE SESSION!

What is the purpose of SST and why are you offering it?

Often counselling is offered when there is a counsellor available.  SST ONLY works is it is available when you need it.  Its quick and it's effective.  It is not new its been around for years.  We believe it is an exciting approach to therapy.  

In these days of pressure and challenge one session may all be a person needs or can afford.  


What should I expect from SST?  

  1. We will negotiate what to focus on in our single session.

  2. Its a very interactive approach and as a therapist i will be working hard to keep us both on track with your focus

  3. We will look at your strengths and what people/resources you have available to tackle the issues problem.

  4. We will look at ways your problem/issue can be solved, or the steps you need to take to solve it. We may practice the solution or work together to develop a action plan for you to take away after the session.  Whatever we do will be biased in reality namely what is really possible for you to do at this moment in time !

What is the most important thing I need if it is going to work?

Actually there is something important we both need - that is the right mindset.  We need to come together for upto 50 minutes with the intention of helping you deal with a problem by giving you some support in developing solutions or options.  

Ok I am interested - what is the process?

  1. Contact is made with the therapist.

  2. We agree to speak over the telephone for a 20-30 minute consultation.  This is really important as it  helps me understand what you need help with and makes sure you start to think about the session and how we can best work together.  At the end we agree when the SST will take place normally within the next 2-4 days - as time is of the essence !

  3. The Session takes place - a recording of the session will be emailed to you so you can listen to it again should you choose.

  4. At a time agreed between us we speak to see how the SST has helped you


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Check out the video below which explains in a bit more detail SST and call us to discuss it further