Counselling with compassion

No matter what your needs, you can count on Bee You Counselling for the support you deserve. We see each client as unique, working with them to devise a counselling strategy which is personalised to fit their specific needs and preferences.

Browse through our range of services and specialist services to learn more about what we can do for you.


Adult Counselling

Our private counselling service there to help people who are struggling with their lives.


Our clients are often feeling sad, expereincing panic, worried about relationship problems such as affairs, separation or divorce.  There could be issues at home, with your family or at work.  Our clients often describe this as feeling depressed or anxious.


At the moment due to the Pandemic we are only able to offer on-line counselling.  We offer single session therapy and longer sessional counselling.  


For many years on-line has been an alternative solution to many of the obstacles that some individuals face when attempting to seek face to face counselling, and ultimately, they are methods which can be used to reach people who wouldn't get help any other way.  At the moment, and in keeping with current government guidelines this is the only way we can offer counselling. 

Both Cathy and Tina offer private counselling.  Your first session is free its important you are able to explore what counselling means and if it is right for you.


Elder Counselling

Cathy offers an Elder Person Counselling service.

In later life people can become sad, lonely and depressed often feeling isolated from the rest of the community.  People can feel they no longer have any value or contribution to make.  

There are growing numbers of elderly people feeling depressed and lonely with little contact with other humans.  

Getting older can bring many challenges from a loss in your physical abilities, the loss of a life partner or the demands of a changing family circumstances.

Cathy works with elder people if necessary in their own homes.  The counselling helps elder people address some of the difficulties they face and work towards engagement and enjoyment of their life's in later life.  



Young persons Counselling 

16-19 years old


Young people are facing an increasingly complex world which can appear overwhelming and confusing.  Young people can feel disorientated, depressed and confused due to a range of different issues including family breakups, relationships bullying  and examination worries.  
At Bee you counselling we are committed to providing a service which supports the needs of young people.

All Counsellors at BeeYou have current enhanced Access NI checks.  We adhere to the Gillic Principles and believe that young people have the right to access counselling and the right to confidentiality

At the moment we are only able to deal with referrals for young people over 16 years of age