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Walking - that a great activity it is. I don't know about you but when I don't get a chance to walk in the day I feel pretty groggy and down. I would normally walk quite a bit, in fact on a recent holiday to the Lake District every day was a 'new achievement' on my apple watch - according to it I had the 'perfect week'. And you know what I did have the perfect week, ok it rained a couple of days, but that made the cup of tea from my flask taste really nice. My daughter and I giggled as we hid behind a wall with rain lashing down eating our fruit cake. The apple watch could really only begin to guess what a 'perfect' week I had. I also slept like a log, what more could I ask.

Getting the 'hive' ready has meant I have not really done much walking over the last couple of weeks and I am really starting to notice it. I feel sluggish and I find I am getting a little more frazzled over things I would normally be relaxed about. nSo now things are settling down and Cathy and I start to establish our days in the hive top of my agenda is starting my walking again ... School run then walk ... simple and effective.

Walking is great all over exercise, There is not bit of you physically and mentally it is not there to help, as the following two adverts show...

I started walking when I had to give up playing netball. Netball had been my 'go to' place for over 35 years. I started playing at 14 and by 45 I was playing 5 times a week. I could not get enough netball. However, as I struggled to walk properly because my ankles were exhausted from the Netball I played I had to give up - I tried other things however walking was the one for me.

I am lucky where I live, I have great access to beaches and forest parks, both of which my dogs love. There is nothing better than to grab them and wander round. I resist the urge to wear headphones, it is my time to walk and enjoy all the smells and things around me. I connect to nature and am able to reflect and plan.

Cathy and I do lots of activity planning with our clients - getting clients walking is a great way to start their counselling.

I am off new week, a final bit of sun before autumn sets in. I have packed my trainers and HH has promised to go walking with me each morning, so here's to hoping I have a head start on the school runs back to walking plan !!

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