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The early bird catches the worm - or chair in this case

An early start for me today, chair delivery day. Now I am not easily an early start person but this was an important job - so best I stay awake all night to make sure I do not miss my alarm going off !!

I headed out, in what felt like dawn, towards LEO (Lisburn Enterprise Centre) having been given a time slot of 7.30am - 6pm!! quite a long slot !! I arrived just about on time and immediately realised I should have brought a coat with me - because the minute the car engine was off I started to get cold. After about 15 minutes I had eaten my banana and was now bored - it was going to be a long day. Just as I started practicing the art of patience I saw a little white lorry head into the carpark - 8.15am - It can't be i thought but yes it was my lucky day (or so i thought at that point) the chairs had arrived. Two incrediably lovely blokes unloaded my chairs, asked what they were for and dumped them outside the still locked building. On their way out they both wished me lots of good old Northern Irish luck with my business, which was so kind of them.

After waiting another 1/2 hour I was able to get the chairs into the room. Excitedly I ripped off the plastic (yes re-cycled already) and took my time to read the instructions to make sure the simple task of putting the legs on was correctly followed. 12 legs (2 chairs one foot stool) what could go wrong. Well the last leg went wrong, it would not screw into place, so at the minute we have a three legged chair which can't be mended until the 2nd September.

I was quite upset, Cathy and i have worked so hard to make sure things are good to go on Monday, yet the most important thing we need (aside of ourselves) is broken.

Do you sometimes feel that way - everything is going ok then suddenly there is a problem in your way and it looks like it will try and 'scupper' your plans. Often at times like this you have to take a step back and find a solution that will work. I use lots of alternative thought records with my clients and i put that into practice myself. 1) Yes the chairs would be lovely, but it is not the end of the world 2) we are lucky to have chairs some people do not! 3) The chair will get sorted, just not as soon as we would have liked 4) Our clients will have a chair to sit on - its not the end of the world if we don't for a few days ... and so my thoughts went on. Hopefully Handiman Hubbie (shall we call him HH from now on?) can sort something out as a temporary measure - if not as the great late Doris Day would say 'Que Sera Sera what ever will be will be' ( A free counselling session goes to the person who knows the film and year!!) we will find a way round.

So the rest of the day is going to be spent moving a few things into the office and walking my lovely dogs and rest tonight as I feel a little frazzled from all the prep for the new office.

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