• Tina

Nearly there

The Hive is starting to take shape. I think one more day and it will be finished. As I wander around the room I want it to look PERFECT and then have to stop myself wondering if perfection is achievable.

Wanting things to be perfect appears to be a growing trend, We want to look perfect, be in a perfect physical shape, have a perfect home etc etc etc ... however what sort of pressure do we put ourselves under when we strive for this? We compare ourselves with others, feeling we are somehow not good enough. I have to be honest I spent a long time thinking that I should/could somehow be better however Dawn French of all people changed my viewpoint. I sat and watched her brilliant one women show 30 million Minutes...check it out it is brilliant (I do hope Dawn does not sue me for including her lovely image)


Dawn talks about her life so far and the challenges she has had to face, she explores herself and her body and its remarkable achievements - she looks at her hands and reflects on how many people they have held including her grandparents who are no longer here. Dawns's show (I do hope you set aside an hour to watch it) really hit home with me. At what cost was my own quest for perfection having on me, the way I thought about myself, my family in fact everything. She made me turn the question around and ask myself 'what would I swap for this perfection I was after? HH? no he stays, my family - hmmm no they stay, longer hours at work - hmmm no not really an option, spending more time at the Gym ... hmmm see previous answer. So when we turn these things around they look a bit silly really. I can't be perfect and in fact I am not sure I want to be, but I do want to try to be the best I can and when its all over be able to look back thinking I have left a positive legacy, which I doubt will be people musing over the size of my trousers or the shortness of my feet.

Upon reflection perfection is in fact not a great thing - it is unhealthy and puts us mentally under incredible pressure. Live by a different rule but not a perfect one. So we are going to try and make our room look inviting and we will always strive to give an excellent service but we can't aim for perfection.

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