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its been a busy week

We have had lots of clients in the new hive this week. So many lovely comments about the space we have created and how welcoming it seems. The week has not been without technical faults including an issue registering the printer... which I have now left with Epson to resolve. That aside I have added a few photos of the hive, which I hope you will enjoy.

HH also suggested a video - so here is that too (I hope it works!)

The week seems to have flown by and I can't believe it is almost the weekend. I do not have too many client over the next two days so time to catch my breath.

A client this week reminded me how precious our time is. When I asked the client one of the assessment question regarding the future with optimism they replied at their age they tired not to think too much about the future rather they reflected on what a great life they are having. What a wonderful view to have.

Without doubt whatever our age we can all struggle with the way we look at things. Unhelpful thinking patterns are how we describe our 'predisposed' way of looking at things for example 'I am not very good at that' may indicate you are critical of yourself, 'why does she have to act that way' is a judgement on others. There are between 9 and 12 different styles (that depends on whose books you read) however what they all have in common is the way in which they impact on our brain by highjacking in and making us feel and behave in ways which are a reflecting on our thinking rather than the situation.

I work with clients to try and identify their thinking styles and to retrain their brain to think in a different way ... here is a great example

I am bad at everything ... which is overgeneralising. It may be true you are not so good at some things, however surely not everything. I completed some of this work with a client this week, who had to real struggle to think of when they were bad at everything. True on one occasion at a certain point in time they may have felt they could have done better, but that does not make them bad at EVERYTHING.

If you want to know a little more check out this video - though the music is not great :-)

So as the final few clients come in to see me I will be doing work with them all on their thinking styles and how these patterns may be impacting upon how they look at situations and their responses.

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