• Tina

6 days to go

oh no - only 6 days to go before we move in and start seeing our clients at a new location. I thought I had everything under control BUT am now thinking - hmmmm not so sure. Like most of my clients when the pressure is on I lose sleep and start thinking about all the things I have not done ... But as Cathy reminds me - why not think about all the things you have done. She is so right, often we get caught up in our failings without thinking about what we have achieved. At the end of the day we need a very few things to start supporting clients at our new location ... very few !! two chairs, a cup of tea and the willingness to listen ... everything else is an add on. Its us and the clients who matter.

However it would be wrong not to look back a little at what we have both achieved in such a short time, we have helped a huge number of clients, we have achieved our own goals, we have retained and grown our great friendship and mutual support. As I move from my current counselling room, which is at my home address (my husband is going to be very pleased to get our room back), I give thanks for the support he has given me in setting out on this amazing journey. I have been looking back over my client books and am AMAZED at how many clients I have seen and the improvements in their daily life. As my work here draws to a close I reflect on two clients I have seen today one who says things are a 'million times better' and the other who left smiling because they had faced an incredibly difficult situation and came out having achieved their goals. How blessed am I to be able to share with others the joys and difficulties we all travel in life.

So I am sure the next few days will be demanding, especially disassembling IKEA furniture and then trying to reassemble it - but with the support of my wonderful clients, Cathy and my family I am sure it will all end just fine :-)

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