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5 days to go

Last night saw my last client in my current counselling room. The last client had a closure session and commented they would recommend me to other people. What a lovely testimony to the work we have done together - it was also a reminder for me to get a feedback form on the website. Which I have finally managed to achieve today using my ever expanding technical skills.

Today the removal company moved in (well more handi-man Hubbie!!), screwdriver in hand he looked like Feathers McGrew.

It is always a difficult decision to decide what to take and what to leave, but Cathy and I are getting there. The chairs are a definite leave ... the rest of the stuff up for grabs. As we prepare to move I am collecting the small gifts I have been given by clients. The cushion above was given to us by a current client who felt it would look lovely in our office, which it will.

Sometimes life feels like that, making decisions about what you will need to take with you and what you will need to leave behind. A division between what is needed for the practicalities e.g. a desk and the things we need because they mean something to us, they remind us of people and places forming part of the thread of our lives.

Life can be like that too, moving on can be a time of excitement, new house, new job, change of direction but when that change comes about without you wanting it that is very hard. I often hear 'change is the constant' which is partly true however that does not make it any easier to deal with. Change is something we often help our client navigate to support them to look at the different options and work out what is the best option for them to pursue. We often can't avoid change however we can nearly always decide how we look at it and move forward.

Cathy does fantastic work with older people providing counselling in their house by working with a local organisation Clare CiC however, things are sometimes at the opposite end of the spectrum for these clients and they feel things never changes, everything is the same day after day. Cathy's work supports people looking for ways to enhance their lives, make life enhancing changes and to have a quality of engagement with others.

So as Cathy and I head into a big change we approach it with optimism and hope for more stability for our clients and ourselves.

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