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4 days to the first client ...

Today has been another busy day. Cathy and I sat down in our 'hive' and tried to work out where things needed to go, and what else we still needed. HH was here with all vast array of electrical gadgets which are 'required' for any significant job. He is still measuring and drilling away - thank goodness our neighbours re out today ... We finally managed to work out how to work the air-conditioning as the room was very warm and HH was complaining. However now we seem to be cooler and the work rate has improved :-)

The most important task was completed namely we brought biscuits for emergencies !!

Cathy and I both feel nervous - its a big thing taking a office and then hoping clients will follow. However, we are not starting from zero and our current work with Mindwise gives us a good platform.

Things are starting to look as we wanted them too.

A BIG result is HH somehow managed to mend the 'broken' chair which is a great result. The 'object' he made to go underneath he is going to turn into a doorstop - another great result.

Today is a very quick blog as I feel I need to help HH.

Tomorrow will be our last visit to Ikea and hopefully then everything will be ready to go.

Tonight we are at a Barn dance - as life can't just be about work all the time.

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