Tina Wetherall-Pegley

Adult Counselling Lead

Employee Assistance Counselling Lead

Training lead 

Qualified counsellor

National Counselling Society


I have been working with people in distress since 1987.  I have experience of dealing within the areas of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, bullying at work and persons from the LGBTQ community.  

I specialise in:

  • Counselling people experiencing depression or panic/anxiety using mainly CBT techniques  

  • Counselling employee's who are experiencing mental health issues that are impacting on their home and work 

  • Training in areas such as coercive control and domestic abuse

As a counsellor I believe the therapeutic relationship formed with my clients is the basis to their conditions improving. 

Leading our EAP programme allows me to work with local organisations who are committed to supporting their employee's through their wellbeing strategies


Cathy Green

Adult counselling Lead

Older persons counselling lead

Counselling at home lead

British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy


My integrative approach as this allows me to tailor the therapy to my clients own individual needs.


I work with my clients in an in-depth way on common life problems such as panic, feeling sad, bereavement, grief, suicidal ideation's, family problems, gender and sexual identity.


In my previous career I gained extensive experience in Human resources.  I am familiar with work related stress and anxiety, training, mentoring, development, appraisals, anger management and job loss.


I am a Community Champion and Counsellor for Creative Caring Communities Project (CLARE CIC).


I specialise in adult counselling and more intensive counselling support for the elderly.


I have also gained considerable knowledge working as a school counsellor with young people 16-19yrs, including those with ASD, behavioural problems, Social Anxiety, Gender Dysphoria and Sexual Identity, by using psycho-educational tools and techniques I have been able to support the young people I have met to engage fully with their lives.


For me the most important part of counselling is the therapeutic relationship and I aim to provide my clients with a safe, non judgemental, accepting, trusting environment and consider it a privilege to work with my clients through our therapeutic alliance. I continue to further my knowledge through ongoing training and continue to develop as a counsellor.


Lisburn and surrounding areas

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